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Essays On Ellen White

(More coming Feb. 2012)


Statements, Context, and Why We Shouldn’t Misjudge the Critics 

We want to be sure that we are giving every critic of Ellen White the benefit of the doubt when we examine their arguments.  Christian love should accompany all discussions and studies of this topic.  

A Dangerous Defense Arises, by Carl Martin  

Is it possible to cast seeds of doubt against something while claiming to defend it?  This could be the most effective method yet. 

How Inspired was Ellen White?  by Amazing Facts speaker Dennis Priebe  What did she claim for herself?  Is a modern prophet’s level of inspiration any different than those of the past?  These and other questions are examined.

Who Was Ellen White? by Arthur White An overview of who she was to help those who may be hearing about her for the first time.

Ellen White and Her Visions by W.C. White (Ellen’s Son)  What were her visions about and how should one relate to them?

What to Look For When Examining the Evidence  “By their fruits ye shall know them” was the promise of Christ.  When one is faced with pro- and anti- evidence about any subject in Christianity there are certain biblical principles that should always be followed.  This applied to the study of allegations against Ellen White as well.

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