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Feb. 3, 2012


Taking a closer look at allegations against

the writings of Ellen White.

    We would like to express our gratitude toward the kind folks at the Ellen White Estate and the Biblical Research Institute for their assistance on a number of these allegations.   Although they are not responsible for our articles, they have been quite helpful in the research when asked.  Special thanks to Roger Coon, former Associate Director of the Estate, who has always been more than willing to share his essays and research whenever asked.  While we are not officially connected to the Estate, we do want to say "thank you" for their vast and readily accessible knowledge.


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"True Christian love cherished in the heart and exemplified in the life, would teach us to put the best possible construction upon the course of our brethren. We should be as jealous of their reputation as of our own. If we are forever suspecting evil, this very fact will so shape their course of action as to produce the very evil which we have allowed ourselves to suspect. In this way, a great many difficulties are manufactured that otherwise would never have had birth, and brethren are often wronged by our being suspicious, free to judge their motives, and express our opinion to others in regard to their actions. That which one may be ready to construe into grave wrongs, may be no more than we ourselves are chargeable with every day."

                                                                                            --Ellen G. White (Review and Herald, April 15, 1880)



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The volunteers at Ellen-White.com will not attack any individual for his/her beliefs.  We will refrain from any tone of sarcasm, mockery or bitterness.  We will strictly focus on the issue at hand: taking a closer, prayerful look at the allegations against the writings of Ellen G. White.  We feel this is the manner in which Christ would work.

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